Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network

The Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network presents researchers within the humanities with a forum in which to engage with each other’s work, to share insights, and develop collaborative partnerships.


For humanities-led responses to current crises

We believe that the current environmental crisis is best understood as constituted by a range of diverse but mutually-reinforcing political, economic, philosophical, ethical, relational, and spiritual crises.

The Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network exists to provide a humanities-led focus for responses to these crises.

The humanities can complement responses to environmental issues in the hard sciences by addressing the values which underpin environmental decision-making, and therefore to evaluate the consequences of what are essentially problems of human interaction (with both the human and the non-human worlds).


Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time

In 2015-16 EEHN was awarded funding from the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (IASH) to develop an International Interdisciplinary Research Group around the topic of Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time. Learn more here.

Our three themes were Enchantment; Violence; and Haunting, and each theme was explored via public lecture, workshop, and postgraduate masterclass. Recordings of the public lectures and workshop presentations are available under the Resources and Activities tab above.


Connect with us

EEHN is an interdisciplinary and inclusive network. We’re keen to hear about Environmental Humanities work beyond Edinburgh, and also to make connections with creative practitioners. To find out how to join in, see the Get Involved & Contact tab above, or click here.