Lecture Series

In 2015-16 we organised two lecture series:
Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time examined the challenges of thinking with deep time in the Anthropocene, via three linked strands: Enchantment; Violence; and Haunting.

Design and the Environmental Humanities explored the role of design in providing solutions to complex environmental challenges, and how Environmental Humanities interest in the material world has not yet led to a sustained engagement with the practices of material culture and technology.

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  • Approaches to writing: Five Ideas

    river wide in the wide evening, denying rumours it’s just a tributary, pays tribute instead to being widely itself pic.twitter.com/oRMgyjHdU7 — David Borthwick (@BorthwickDave) March 8, 2015 Writing Place in the Environmental Humanities: Five Ideas As part of our series on key practices in the environmental humanities, around twenty members and guests of the Edinburgh […]

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    Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time Our series focus on ‘unexpected encounters with deep time’ emphasises the way that deep time is encountered in materiality of the everyday. Likewise Jane Bennett has stressed that enchantment arises, unanticipated, in the moment, in the “active engagement with objects of sensuous experience” (5). Earlier in 2015 the discovery of […]

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    Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time As the second of three workshops (workshops one and three focus on Enchantment and Haunting) in our Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time series, this workshop asked what the perspective of deep time might bring to environmental humanities approaches to cosmic, planetary, intra-human and inter-species violence. There is a one in […]

  • COPcube2


    Unexpected Encounters with Deep Time *Banner image: Julia Barton, Littoral Art Project (www.littoralartproject.com) The final workshop in our series of discussions of ‘unexpected encounters with deep time’ looked at Haunting. Ghosts are, perhaps first and foremost, expressions of desire: to connect, communicate, or commingle across boundaries. One of the most challenging aspects of the Anthropocene—both […]