Lectures: Design and the Environmental Humanities

Design and the Environmental Humanities explored the role of design in providing solutions to complex environmental challenges, and how Environmental Humanities interest in the material world has not yet led to a sustained engagement with the practices of material culture and technology. Funded by the University of Edinburgh’s Challenge Investment Fund (2015-16) this project was organised by Sónia Matos in collaboration with Michelle Bastian.

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    • Author: Marietta Galazka

      Multispecies Methods

      Abstract: This paper analyses the outcomes from a recent research project that explored the potential for developing more-than-human participatory approaches. Over the course of four workshops, the team drew on participatory design, participatory action […]

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    • valentina_nisi

      Transmedia: New trends in digital storytelling

      Abstract: LauraSilva, a transmedia storytelling project developed in the context of the EU-funded Future Fabulators project, is a technologically mediated effort aiming to create awareness, disseminate knowledge, and engage its audience in learning about the […]

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    • Waves Helmriech

      The Water Next Time

      Abstract: Do ocean waves have a history? This presentation looks toward a future in which waves are not only known differently (though new kinds of computer modelling, […]

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    • clara_mancini

      Animal Computer Interaction

      Abstract: Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) is an emerging discipline aiming to study the relation between animals and technology in naturalistic settings, design user-centred technology to support animals in […]

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  • giovanni

    The Geomerce Project

    Abstract: GeoMerce is a project that speculates on the ability of certain plants of absorbing heavy metals from the soil. Since those metals are listed on the London Metal Exchange, fields and crops become financial assets as sources and reservoirs of capitals. The amount of metal in the plants […]

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