Transmedia: New trends in digital storytelling


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Transmedia:new trends in digital storytelling: the case of Laura Silva

Abstract: LauraSilva, a transmedia storytelling project developed in the context of the EU-funded Future Fabulators project, is a technologically mediated effort aiming to create awareness, disseminate knowledge, and engage its audience in learning about the importance of the UNESCO-protected laurisilva forest. The project takes the shape of a mobile-based, context-aware narrative that unfolds in the village of Ponta do Sol. The audience explores the narrow alleyways in search of a lost 18th-century herbarium and the historic, cultural, and scientific knowledge it contains. The experience is mediated through a custom mobile application that provides location-aware sensing to guide the audience in its quest. The story unfolds through audiovisual content and interactive artefacts placed around the village. Having undergone its first iteration as an experience prototype, the project is in the development stage.

Bio: Valentina Nisi is an Assistant Professor at the University of Madeira as part of the CMU|Portugal Program. Nisi’s work is situated at the crossing of Digital Art, Interactive Media and Design and her research focuses on designing and producing digitally mediated experiences in real spaces, merging architecture, context and landscape. With a PhD from Trinity College Dublin, Nisi worked at MIT’s MediaLabEurope, later moving to Amsterdam to co-found FattoriaMediale, a media and culture foundation. Now, she devotes her time to teaching and research at Madeira’s Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI).






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