Blue Humanities Away Day


In February, we had a research methods away day at the lovely coastal village of St Abbs (aka New Asgaard), organised by Alex Campbell, Michelle Bastian and David Farrier. Our aim was to reflect on the challenges that oceanic environments (and their decline) pose for the humanities. In particular we were interested in thinking about methods, and which modes of ways of thinking might allow us to access environments that are rarely accessible to the human? To what extent do the material properties of water encourage the adoption of an interdisciplinary methodology? Our first stop was at the St Abbs Marine Station where we learnt about the station’s research capabilities and current projects. We then returned to the Ebba Centre to hear reflections from attendees, including our IASH EH Fellow Hester Blum, and explore our research questions in world cafe sessions. Thanks to the Marine station and the Ebba Centre for hosting us, and the Royal Society of Edinburgh who funded the event via a grant to Alex Campbell and Mike Paye.

Preparation reading included:

  • Stacy Alaimo ‘Science Studies and the Blue Humanities’ Configurations 27.4 (2019) pp.429-432
  • Ian Buchannan and Celina Jeffrey ‘Towards a Blue Humanity’ Symploke 27.1 (2019) pp.11-14

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