EEHN and Edinburgh International Festival’s Deep Time

Standard Life Opening Event: Deep Time

After the spectacular Harmonium Project event which opened the Edinburgh International Festival last year, there has been a great deal of excitement about this year’s Deep Time. With a sell-out performance planned for this Sunday, we wanted to share some of the involvement that members of EEHN have had in its development.

David Farrier has written a blog post for the EIF explaining the theory behind the spectacle, which has included discussions with the team around our focus on ‘unexpected encounters with deep time’. David writes that:

Examining the challenge of representing ‘deep temporalities’ – making deep time ‘appear’ in everyday life – can help us appreciate and address the most pressing problems of today.

Read more over at the EIF website

David was also part of a University of Edinburgh podcast series The Big Idea, talking about deep time. Description below, and you can download from the iTunes store.

The world-changing ideas of James Hutton, a product of the university and Edinburgh, are the inspiration behind the 2016 Edinburgh International Festival’s Standard Life Opening Event: Deep Time. Experts will explain the history and theories behind what one of the most spectacular visual arts events ever in Scotland. How did Hutton’s theories revolutionise how we viewed the earth and our place on it, what exactly is deep time, and what geological period are we living in now?

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