New Environmental Humanities fellow at IASH


Dr Saskia Beudel of the University of Canberra has taken up an environmental humanities fellowship at IASH, where she’ll be working on interactions between environmental scientists and artists. She’ll be in Edinburgh from March to April this year, and will return for another month in January 2019.

Dr Beudel lectures in writing and literary studies at the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research at the University of Canberra where she is Adjunct Associate Professor. Previously she was a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney and a Fellow at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment & Society at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. Her recent books include A Country in Mind (UWAP) and Curating Sydney: Imagining the City’s Future (with Jill Bennett, UNSWP).

While at IASH she will complete work on a book chapter about writer-activist Rachel Carson’s use of the idea of ‘wonder’ at both the natural world and scientific inquiry into that world. She will also work on a new project focused on narratives generated through interviews with environmental scientists. The project asks what kinds of narratives, with the potential to engage broad public audiences, are generated through conversation with scientists who have played leading roles in international global environmental change programmes and/or studied the effects of environmental change on local environments.

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