New Environmental Humanities Fellow to visit Edinburgh in August and September

Photo for EEHN

Dr Jeremy Davies will join IASH as an Environmental Humanities visiting fellow during August and September this year.

Jeremy Davies is a lecturer in English at the University of Leeds, where he convenes the Environmental Humanities research group. His most recent book is The Birth of the Anthropocene (University of Chicago Press, 2016), called “the best general introductory…book I have read that explains to readers the political significance of the term Anthropocene” by Dipesh Chakrabarty. His current projects include a book about the environment in radical and utopian thought of the Romantic period.

At IASH, Jeremy will be working on a project related to The Birth of the Anthropocene. Whereas this book examined the Anthropocene epoch as a proposed unit of geological time, his fellowship project will trace episodes of in the history of geology, in the service of a structural interpretation of the geologic time scale and the Anthropocene’s place within it. The aim is to theorise the Anthropocene not as the ‘age of humans’ but as part of the unfolding temporality of the Earth.



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