Sonia Ali (University of Glasgow): ‘Excavated Realities’


Turn the Collid-a-scape -what happens when time, space and materials collide?

Turn it once again – what do the mirrors reflect?

Reverse back – did you catch it the first time?

Shake the scope – shape the scape – scar the self

A series of pieces involving sculptural tectonics both in the physical, sound and text form. They explore the collision of substance bodies over vast periods of time and the subsequent violent transfigurations of materiality as well its infliction on the self. Ancient organic matter such as the uni-cellular become imprisoned under heat and pressure to become trapped deposits of oil and with sheer brute force these prisoners are captured once again to be split and reconfigured under extreme conditions to form the kaleidoscope of plastics that confetti our day to day. The mercilessness mutations of material from pre historic organisms to a commodity to waste and to the new geo-types of ‘plastiglomerate’ rocks found in Hawaii, possibly signifies and embodies the notion of Geo-trauma. As coined by Nick Land, this trauma is a ‘psychoanalytic concept of the unconscious in its full materialist extension’ [1] and thus the violence does not end. The geo-trauma repositions the unconscious relative both to the personal and socio-political spheres and the bio-organic one. Within its organic origins, geological traumas and catastrophes lives on and transforms itself within the material and through the materials themselves destabilizing our subjectivity. 





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